Anchors Away

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This page covers the student activism group by this name. See here for the poem "Anchors, Away!" by Seth Brown '01

Anchors Away is a student group formed in the 2004-2005 academic year to oppose the CUL's proposed Anchor housing or (as it was renamed by the CUL in thier Spring 2005 report) "Williams House System." Anchors Away was founded mostly by Joe Shoer '06 and Brian Hirshman '06. It grew to have:

If you oppose anchor housing, please add your name to the list below. Also consider sending specific comments, concerns, or suggestions to the CUL. This can be done in one of several ways:

  1. E-mail the CUL: The committee listserv is
  2. Use the CUL web comment form: The CUL maintains an anonymous feedback form on their web site.
  3. Contact CUL members: Students on the committee include:
  • Brian Hirshman '06
  • Megan O'Malley '06
  • Bevin Blaber '08
  • Morgan Goodwin '08
  • Seth Izen '08
  • Matthew Simonson '08
  • Nora Wong '09

Anchors Away encourages all students to be as active as possible. If you feel that any aspect of the system is not right for Williams and deserves to be re-thought before being implemented, take advantage of the CUL web form or your e-mail account.


Currently requesting to be listed as opposed to anchor housing are:

Names are alphabetical.