Garfield House

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Also see the Williams College listing for Garfield, and the WSO plans.

Garfield House is on South Street, by the traffic circle on the road leading to the Clark Art Museum. It is a former fraternity, named for President James A. Garfield, a graduate and former president of Williams.


Garfield House is Tudor-style, with a light brown facade with dark brown wood forming triangles. It was built in 1924. It has a kind of turret on the right. It has probably been extensively renovated, because it now has two stairways, which both seem retrofitted since they are made of concrete.


Garfield has three living rooms:

  • a main living room with two couches and a coffee table
  • a TV room with a couch and a table
  • a library with lamps, chairs, bookshelves with books, and a fireplace

There is also a side room with a piano. The basement has a kitchen, a pool table, and laundry machines. The main living room has a wall of windows facing South Street, through which one could theoretically enter if one had forgotten one's ID card.

Garfield has a great lawn to the left when facing the front of the house, where many IM baseball games and frisbee games take place. It also has a parking lot.


As Garfield is almost entirely singles, it houses almost exclusively seniors.

Fun Facts

  • In the summer, the SMALL math research students live in Garfield.
  • In the summer of 2005, a bobcat was living in the woods behind Garfield, and it was discovered by a security officer who was called because there was a humanlike but rhythmic screaming noise at night, which apparently the bobcat was making.