Greylock Dining Hall

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Greylock Dining Hall is the dining hall for the Greylock Quad.


Greylock was designed by The Architects Collaborative, and was built in 1965. The building's main elements are brick, slate, and wood.


Due to its late hours, Greylock is typically where sports teams eat dinner after practice. It also serves the residents of Bryant, Mark Hopkins, Carter, and Gladden, and nearby row houses.

Special Features

Greylock always has the deli lunch, where you can find a wider selection of meats, cheeses, breads, and especially condiments, than anywhere else on campus.


Grinder Night. Please expand.


Grinder Night. Please expand.

Greylock on the Record

Greylock was the inspiration for the following dialogue between Kate Sauerhoff '06 and Oren Cass '05 in a One-in-2000 interview:

Kate: Clearly you’re not on the rap train.

Oren: I was once referred to as Cass Master Flash in the pages of the Record.

Kate: You called yourself that in a One-in-2000 column that you wrote. That definitely doesn’t count. In fact, it may compound your lameness. The closest you get to rap is Wrap Night at Greylock.