Stuff Buildings and Grounds Should Definitely Do

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  1. Lay a real concrete path between the cross walk infront the theatre building and the cross walk in front of Brooks where the grass is already completely destroyed by a man-made dust path which turns into a mud hole whenever it rains.
    1. Yeah, definitely. The path will be next to useless once we get covered in a gajillion feet of snow as well.
  2. Demolish Tyler Annex. Raze it to the ground and leave the cinderblocks on the ground as a memorial to the Prison.
  3. discontinue the use of the paint color "sreaming-angry-monkey-yellow".
    1. Use more "danger orange"
  4. Transplant the perennials from the Forest Garden to other locations around campus, when they demolish it.
  5. Plant those damn trees by the theater once and for all.
    1. Uproot them again.
      1. Plant them again.
  6. Stop calling themselves Facilities.
  7. Contunue to kick ass... YOU ROCK CATHY!!!