Stuff Buildings and Grounds Should Definitely Do

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        • Create a crosswalk on Route 2 connecting Wood House to the Greylock Quad so we don't get run over going to and from meals.*******

  1. Discontinue the use of the paint color "screaming-angry-monkey-yellow".
    • Use more "danger orange."
  2. Transplant the perennials from the Forest Garden to other locations around campus, when they demolish it.
  3. Stop calling themselves "Facilities."
  4. Contunue to kick ass... YOU ROCK CATHY!!!
  5. Pave the Doughty driveway. It is impossible to get out of the house without slipping and ending up in a giant mudhole.
  6. Fix water drainage on campus. For a place that spends so much money on construction, it's ridiculous that we get such enormous puddles across the sidewalks when it so much as sprinkles. A few well-placed drains could fix this.
  7. Declare war on the bourgeoise.