Summer 2008

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Every summer, many students choose to spend the three-month break in Williamstown. This page records 2008's incarnation of this practice: the students on campus, where they lived and dined, any notable events, and the like.

Students on campus

Here are those in the Purple Valley for the summer of 2008. Click on "Name," "year," or "job" to sort the list by that entry (alphabetically or numerically). You might as well add yourself to the top of the list.

Name Year Job
Will Harron 11 Bio Research
Lizzy Brickley 10 Bio Research
Brenna Baccaro 09 Bio Research
Robby Finley 11 CSCI Research
Rachel Hudson 10 SMALL
Matt Law 10 Bio Research
Nora Mitchell 10 Bio Research
Stella Onochie 09 Williams Archives
Rahul Shah 09 SMALL
Harsh Sodhi 10 Econ Research
Jeff Stenzel 10 Bio Research
Maria Tucker 10 WIT Intern
Amber LaFountain 09 Williamstown House of Local History, Alumni-Sponsored
Katie Dupre 10 Astronomy Research
Steven Jackson 10 Physics Research