Thursday Night Group

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Thursday Night Grassroots
Type of groupActivism
SelectiveEveryone is welcome
Membership50-60 students
Meeting timeThursdays, 9:00 p.m.
Meeting placeHarper House (The Center for Environmental Studies)
OfficeHarper House
EstablishedFall 2006

The Group

The Thursday Night Grassroots is a weekly social gathering dedicated to discussing and acting against global warming. The group was previously known as Thursday Night Group, but renamed in spring 2011 for clarity. Students concerned about carbon emissions, energy policy and paradigm shift gather on Thursday nights in Dodd living room at 10:00. The group was founded by Morgan Goodwin and Justin Bates in order to increase the scope and presence of environmentally oriented groups on campus while at the same time including a more diverse group of people. Since then, it has come to replace Greensense as the student environmental group on campus. The relaxed atmosphere and social setting make the group more of a study break and reprieve from the stress of other meetings than a meeting itself. Beer also helps.

To join

To join the Thursday Night Group vist the facebook group and sign yourself up.

Also, check out and join our google group.


In Thursday Night Group, any member at any time during the year can announce a project on which they would like to work and people can join with them to do so. TNG meetings start with a whole-group intro, followed by breakouts where each member goes to his or her selected project, and finished with a re-gathering to update people on the work of each project group. Ongoing projects include: CFL lightbulb exchange, recycling, and a Power Vote campaign.