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Type of groupService
SelectiveEveryone's welcome
Membership20-30 students
Meeting timeKellog (CES) Living Room
Meeting placeTuesdays at 9:00
OfficeKellog House, 2nd floor
Establishedlong ago

Greensense was the Williams College environmental advocacy organization until the fall of 2006, when it combined with the Thursday Night Group. Greensense was composed of students from various areas of interest working to increase environmental awareness and activism. Greensense believs that individuals on campus, in the community, and throughout the world can and must be more conscious of the repercussions of their actions. To achieve this end, Greensense often works with other campus organizations like the Lehman Community Service Council Council, the Williams Outing Club, Students for Social Justice, the Thursday Night Group, and the Campus Environmental Advisory Committee. In addition, Greensense has strong ties with the faculty in Buildings and Grounds and Dining Services.

Greensense is a proud partner in organizing the Do it in the dark competition and is a major organizer of Focus the Nation and the CFL Exchange.

Visit the Greensense website.