Vending machines

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"Soda" is actually called pop by some people. Others try to please most demographics by refering to it as "soda pop," while still others, for some inexplicable reason, call all varieties of soda "coke."

Please update frequently with the availability of various beverages at different machines, card acceptance/rejection, eating of money, and any other advice/warnings.

Schow Entrance

Probably the most-used on campus. Nifty dispenser. Runs out of Diet Coke frequently. Known to eat cards. The only machine with Dr.Pepper, also known to contain diet coke with lime just after being re-stocked.

Has, in the past, been very convenient for Williams Trivia players seeking caffeine at 5 AM.

Bronfman Basement

A good alternative if the Schow machine is empty. Has been known to emit two bottles of diet coke for the price of one on more than one occassion, perhaps due to the fact that the bottle sometimes gets stuck while being dispensed and some don't think to reach up and pull it out. It can be frustrating, however, that there are three slots for regular coke despite the fact that diet coke is frequently sold out.

Jesup 2nd floor

Another good alternative, though it has sometimes not worked. May eat your cash.

Goodrich, 2nd floor

A dark horse reliable diet coke source which lurks next to the copy machine on the second floor.

Sawyer entrance

Infrequently empty.

Except during finals, when there's no diet coke by the end of reading period.

Stetson near Office Services

Somewhat creepy as it's motion-activated; when you approach it, it suddenly springs to life. And it dispenses cans for 75 cents instead of 500 ml bottles for a dollar. What's up with that?

Prospect Basement

If you're in the mood for Jagged Ice, be warned. To get this most awesome of the Powerade varieties, you may have to push the button for the less awesome orange-colored Powerade variety.

Very convenient for Odd Quad residents seeking caffeine at 3 AM.

Fitch basement

Near the pool table; a good alternative if the Prospect machine is empty or not working. Has occasionally, but fairly rarely, stolen money.

Also very covenient for Odd Quad residents trying to finish problem sets at 3 AM.


Machines on both sides.


Located in the basement. Was the cause of much frustration for certain upperlcassmen living there this past summer; never accepted either cash or cards, necessitating the meticulous collection of loose coins before making a trip downstairs.

Greylock Dining Hall

What was the point of putting vending machines behind doors that would be locked at night, when students would need them most?


It's between the Big House and the annex. It dispenses Coke products, and it has the motion sensor thing. If you duck, stealthily, you can avoid activating the motion sensor every time you come in the door. This saves energy.


It's a coke product machine underneath the staircase as you go down to the basement. Be forewarned, however, that it steals coins--don't even bother with them.