Williamstown Summer 2010

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Copied from Summer 2009

Every summer, many students foolishly choose to spend the three-month break in Williamstown. This page records 2010's incarnation of this practice: the students on campus, where they will live and dine, any notable events, and the like.

Summer 2010




Housing: Currier, Prospect, Gladden, Poker Flats
SMALL: Garfield
Summer Science Program (SSP): Perry
Foreign Policy institute: East


Places to go and Things to do

You can easily get by without a car during the school year. But when that 9-5 job ends, you're not left with much else to do because this is Williamstown, MA, after all. Here are some places in the "area" to spend some luxury time.

  • Pittsfield is a bit closer than Vermont with 2 decent lakes. It's a "city." There's also Barrington Stage and The Colonial if you're interested in theatre/cultural activities and have seen everything at Williamstown Theatre Festival already.
  • Lake Shaftsbury, VT. A short 45 minute drive away, Lake Shaftsbury offers a nice big lake with walking path around the lake, a dirt volleyball area, a wide open field for frisbee throwing and other events, paddleboats for rent, and more! $2 or $3 per person. Directions.
  • Tanglewood. This performance space of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops is located in Lenox and is an outstanding location for a picnic and a concert. Try to get there before the end of the summer.
  • Williamstown Theater Festival. It's here again this year. Students are allowed to purchase "Student Rush Tickets" to all performances starting three hours before curtain for $15. Otherwise, shows are pretty expensive, but it's an opportunity to see some good theater without going very far.

Students on campus

Here are those in the Purple Valley for the summer of 2010. Please add yourself with your class (alphabetically).

Name Year Job Housing
Alcala, Michael 12 Chem,research Prospect 201
Annex, Meredith 11 Econ, research Prospect 304
Baek, Eunice 13 WIT Prospect 414
Beqiraj, Andi 12 Econ RA Prospect 118
Brauchli, Chris 11 CSCI,research Prospect 423
Brett, David 11 Classics,research Prospect 424
Bruton, Lucas 11 CHEM,thesis Gladden C02
Cigolle, Zina 12 OIT,WIT Gladden B15
Davis, Leigh 11 Bio,thesis Gladden C14
DiAngelo, K.B. 12 Bridges,Manager,(MCC) Poker Flats C204
Dinku, Michael T. 11 CSCI,research Gladden A46
Dwyer, Holly 12 Bio,research Gladden B14
Eberhardt, Karlan 13 OIT,-,Netsys Gladden B25
Evans, Zach 12 MCC Intern/Peace Valley Farm Intern Gladden C53
Finley, Robby 11 PHIL,thesis Prospect 306
Freymiller, Sarah 13 Summer Theatre Lab Prospect 0-something
Gonzalez Allan 12 WCURF Agard
Gottlieb, Peter 11 PHYS,thesis Prospect 410
Harris, Sara 12 Williamstown Theatre Festival Intern TBD
Hess, Julian 12 PHYS,research Prospect 326
Hewett, Nat 11 ECON,Research Prospect 432
Hikel, Chris 13 Summer Humanities TA July:Wood; August:Currier
Ihara, Crissy 12 God Only Knows May-June:Gladden C5, June-July: Currier
Kenefick, Dan 13 Econ Research Poker 204
Kern, Nora 12 Tour Guide Gladden
Kim, Sora 13 Chem,research Prospect 323
Levinsohn, Erik 12 Econ Research Prospect 110
Lim, Nathaniel 11 PHYS,thesis, Poker B204
Lorenzo, Antonio 11 PHYS,thesis, Prospect 412
Lou, Alex 13 Chem, research Prospect 316
Lu, Muzhou 12.5 ASTR,Research Gladden
Lyons, Casey 11 Chem,thesis, Gladden
Mara, Michael 12 SMALL Garfield
Marin, Paloma 12 Bio,Research Currier
Mendoza, Steve 13 Chem,Research Gladden A21
Merkhofer, Lisa 11 GEOS,thesis Currier S21
Mitchell, Martha 12 Chapin,Rare,Book,Lib.,Asst. Gladden B52
Morton, Michaela 12 Tourguiding Poker Flats A204
Oswald, Jen 11 WCMA,Education Intern Poker Flats C102
Outterson, Eric 12 Bio, research Currier N31
Pelegri-O'Day, Emma 12 Chem,research Currier S12
Quinn, Andy 13 Foreign,Policy,institute East
Rabelo, Veronica 11 PSYC,thesis Currier N30
Rivera, Jeannette 12 Tourguide Gladden A34
Rowe, Sarah 13 Hopkins,Forest Currier C34
Sanders, Kimmy 12 Archives Currier C36
Semensi, Michael 12 SSP,Tutor Perry
Shen, April 13 CS,research Currier C37
Shepherd, Brian 11 BIO,Research Prospect 204
Staugaitis, Laura 11 bumming around
Stein, Emily 12 Sawyer lib. assistant Prospect 425
Stroup, Kim 12 Library! Gladden B13
Teitelbaum, Rachel 11 Zilkha,center,intern Prospect
Triska, Andrew 11 Clark Art summer crew 21 Spring St.
Turner, Sara 11 Chem,thesis Prospect 225
Turner, Tyisha 12 Summer Theatre Lab Prospect (.5)
Ury, Emily 13 Chem,research Currier
Ward-Wheten. Stefan 11 ENVI/Hopkins Forest Caretaker Gladden A35
Weber, Aimee 11 BIOL Thesis Currier C12
Whyte, Emmanuel 13 OIT/Socio/Philo,Research Prospect 421
Wilson, Johannes 11 PSYC,research/thesis Prospect 130
Wilson, Joshua 11 PSYC,research/thesis Prospect 129