About WSO

Williams Students Online

WSO (Williams Students Online) is a student organization devoted to creating innovative and useful computer-based services and offering them to the Williams College community. WSO was founded in 1995 and continues to play an important role in the campus community today.


WSO provides a number of services to the Williams College community free of charge. The use of these services is governed by this policy.

Who may use WSO Services?

WSO services are intended first and foremost for use by the Williams College community. Some services are available for only certain groups of the Williams College community (e.g. Factrak can be used by only students), and WSO reserves the right to make decisions regarding visibility of services. That being said, aspects of many of these services are available to the general public. WSO reserves the right to further restrict all use of WSO services to members of the Williams College community should the need arise due to limited resources, etc., though this is a highly unlikely situation.

Restrictions and Responsibilities

The following restrictions and responsibilities apply to all uses and users of WSO services.

  • The use or targeting of WSO services in any tampering, attacks, or attempts to break in to WSO or other services is strictly prohibited, as is the use of any WSO services in illegal activities.
  • The storage or distribution of pornographic materials, pirated software, pirated media, and malicious software is prohibited.
  • Each user is responsible for ensuring proper attribution and copyrights for materials stored in his or her account or posted on WSO’s web services.

WSO is not responsible or liable for the actions of its users or for their use of WSO services. In the event that a person is discovered to be using WSO services in illegal activities, WSO will cooperate with law enforcement authorities if necessary.


WSO claims no responsibility for its users’ content in pages hosted on our servers, including forum posts, announcements, Factrak, Dormtrak, Willipedia pages, or other material. These do not reflect the actions and views of WSO, its administrators and staff, or other users. WSO neither endorses nor opposes any political candidate or organization. Given that we are a small, student-run organization, we rely on the users themselves to notify us when they deem something offensive, personal, or inappropriate to the general public. If you deem something unfit for the site, please contact wso-staff [at] identifying the offending information and where it can be found. Thank you for your cooperation.


WSO is always looking for new members, regardless of computing expertise or experience. Contact us to find out meeting time and place.


WSO makes no guarantees regarding its services. As an entirely student-run volunteer organization, WSO strives to maintain and improve its services as best it can, but WSO cannot completely guarantee the continued availibility, functionality, integrity, accuracy, or security of its services. Each individual who uses a WSO service does so at his or her own risk. In particular, WSO is not liable for data loss resultant from the use of its services.