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The 57th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest May, 1994


Oh No, Bette Midler!'s boni had very strange cover pages, ostensibly containing trivia questions about various members of the Bette Midler team. Er, except when they didn't. Were these "fake" cover sheets or not? There was no indication that the questions really had to be answered; then again, there was no assurance that teams could leave the cover sheets blank with confidence. Within the space of ten minutes on air, one DJ insisted, "yes, I DO expect answers on that first page," while another soothingly promised, "the covers are still fake." Even the Bette Midler team has never successfully explained the premise behind this. Still, Dom's "psychedelic purple tie-dye shirt" for question #7 WAS a gimme.


  1. (12:00): Dan Sissman (Beer) -- Following several questions about the sad, twisted life of Mr. S, the bonus moved on to slogans, practices, and other questions about frosty brews. A visual "ICE" Beer section came at the end.

  2. (4 AM): Craig Ganzer (1970s Multimedia) (partial answers) -- A mercifully brief Ganzeriana section. Then, random pop culture, loads of TV, a Viet Nam section, Sports, Watergate, and more. Included an audio section of cheesy 70s tunes.


  1. (12:00): Douglas Adams (Harrison Ford)(questions only) -- A long (175+) but entertaining bonus about everything you'd expect, with most of the emphasis on the six "Indiana Jones" and "Star Wars" films.

  2. (1 AM): Music-Referential Lyrics -- 21 quotes from songs, with one band or singer referring overtly to the work of another. Cheap Trick singing about Kiss, Johnny Rivers on the Beatles, Mott the Hoople on T.Rex, etc. Teams had to do the usual title-artist ID. Since the creator of this bonus went nameless, you needn't know it was Maggie Heaman.

  3. (2 AM): Movie Music Audio -- (answers) Fifty clips of music written for, or associated with, various films. Name the movies, obviously.

  4. (3 AM): Dom Grillo (Potpourri) (questions only) -- You have to actually be Dom Grillo to see the connection in sections devoted to Peanuts, Babylon 5, Lost In Space, White Castle hamburgers, Music and Musicals, Librarians, Schoolhouse Rock, New York and Chicago. But-- is it worth it?

  5. (4 AM): Christopher M. Aylott (Jim Henson) (partial answers) -- Chris is not actually operated by a man crouched down with a black velvet hand wedged up his posterior. Which is not meant to suggest that he is predjudiced against those who are. TV Muppets, movie Muppets, and non-Muppet side projects galore in this one.

  6. (5 AM): Things That Blow Audio -- Name the song, artist-- and the specific musical instrument on display. From the Bangles whistling to Chicago's horn section, 26 clips of piccolos, harmonicas, and more spittle than Roberto Alomar meeting Sylvester the Cat.

  7. (6 AM): Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics (The Silver Screen) -- Questions on film, including odd foreign translations of domestic titles. Each copy of the bonus came with a miniature pad of paper; Oh No, Bette Midler! also asked teams to choose an existing movie and create an animated flipbook representation of it.

  8. (7 AM): Cartoons (partial answers) -- One Scooby-Doo question; otherwise, all comic strips all the time, including a big section of strips with one panel removed, which teams had to try and write/draw in. Each copy of the bonus came with a miniature pad of paper; Oh No, Bette Midler! also asked teams to create animated flipbooks.

  9. (7 AM):


  1. Tonya Harding on American Gladiators

  2. Do the "Can Your Beer Do This?" (Keystone) Ad.

  3. As we've learned from "Next Generation" and the movies, the Klingon Empire actually refined most art forms that we take for granted. For instance, we've heard that Shakespeare was actually a great Klingon writer, and that the Klingos perfected love poetry. Please come in and perform a Klingon opera.

  4. "Waiting for Seinfeld" (Jerry & George waiting for Godot)

  5. "Rising Jurassic Disclosure"-- combine the novels of Michael Crichton in an entertaining fashion.

  6. Come down and do the opening to "Laverne & Shirley" -or- Show us a pilot for a new television show starring David Letterman and Richard Simmons sharing a New York City apartment, where one is really neat, and the other is really messy.

  7. "Fox Trek" (Take one of the incarnations of "Star Trek"-- the original, TNG, or DS9-- and merge it with one or more series on the Fox network; i.e., "Star Trek: Deep Space 90210.")



    2 points apparently awarded to All Jacked Up and My BOOMstick with little on-air explanation.