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Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun To Be With

The 54th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest May, 1993


Each of Plastic Pal's boni had very strange cover sheets that had less than nothing to do with their actual topics, such as "The Golden Age of Ballooning" (Robots); "Chemotherapy and You" (Cameos); "Ted Benson in Memorium" (Political Cartoons); "Herb Alpert's Tijuana Christmas" (TV); "Spam" (1984); and "Rotisserie Baseball" (Williamsiana).


  1. (12:00): The Four Ages of Television

  2. (4 AM): Williamsiana (questions only) -- The Williamsiana bonus to end all Williamsiana bonuses (or so I pray), this included sections on Buildings, Faculty, Miscellany, Alumni, Ephraim Williams, Campus Directions, Mountain Sketching, Massachusetts, On-Site Photographs, a map search, and info that presumably required teams to send runners across campus to check names, plaques, etc.


  1. (12:00): Plastic Pals (questions only) -- Robots, robots, robots, and then a couple of cyborgs, before yet more robots.

  2. (1 AM): The Jennifer Lehoczky Honorary Blue Audio Bonus (answers only) -- 20-odd clips of the word "blue"

  3. (2 AM): Album Covers -- A wonderful, wonderful bonus. 50 small sections of different album covers, in yummy full color! Name the album title and artist, natch. May be the perfect Hour Bonus.

  4. (3 AM): Cameos

  5. (4 AM): Bass Lines Audio -- An all-instrumental assortment (except for Steve Miller going "doo doo doo doo") of ominous twangin'.

  6. (5 AM): 1984 (questions only) -- Questions about the year, not the book.

  7. (6 AM): Nonsense Words Audio (really bad audio approximations and answers)

  8. (7 AM): Political Cartoons (questions only) -- With umpteen comics boni, how nobody ever thought to do this topic on its own before, I'll never know. Reproducing 40 editorial cartoons from the past 20 years or so, questions asked about the artists, the subjects, the news stories, etc.


  1. Do either "Hare Jordan" or "The Barkley of Seville"

  2. Recreate the Opening of "The Muppet Show"

  3. Mystery Shakespeare Theater 3000

  4. "Rescue 90210"

  5. The ABC Afterschool Special: "Waco: What a Cookout!"

  6. Richard Nixon was once quoted as saying, "If I hadn't gone into politics, I might have made a good rapper." Therefore, give us a performance of MC Nixon.

  7. Do the next Levi's Dockers ad.



    Teams sent down one member apiece, who had to build models of the U.S.S. Enterprise from a giant pile of loose Legos.


    Purpose of the Military member Chris Aylott snuck over to Baxter to make an on-air proposal of marriage to fellow Military member Deb Tomasselli during the 4 AM break. Despite combining the phrases, "I love you," "rest of my life," and "Pus Line," it was accepted. The power of love clearly energized Purpose of the Military; in second place at the time, they rebounded in the second half to claim a big 27-point victory.