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The Williams Panda Protection Group seeks to raise awareness among the Williams Community about one of the world's most endangered animials, the Panda. Pandas are worth saving because they are cute and playful.

This Year's Events

  • Before school started: made posters for service fair.
  • Sept 13rd: Attended Service Fair and recruited 45 volunteers.
  • Sept 20: Added new recruits to panda listserve and sent out welcome message. Note to self: Should email new recruits earlier.
  • Sept 31: First organizational meeting. Next year should send out an email asking for suggestions for meeting time. Not many people could show up this time and ended up having to move meeting to Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays didn't seem to be a convenient time for people.
  • Oct 23: Bake sale to raise funds for panda. Supplies:
$40 for 20-pound bag of sugar
$90 for giant vat of butter
$5000 for industrial chocolate chip maker
$200 miscellaneous other supplies
$5,330 total cost

Important Contacts and Partnerships

  • We got a lot of support from Greensense and Humane Society this year. There is also a similar group at MCLA that we hope to work with in the future.
  • Jane Lane, janelane@email.com. A local panda activist in North Adams.
  • Bob Bobert, bob@bob.com, 123-4567. Offers a great discount on giant panda suits.