Making out

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Two students were spotted at a booth in the North-East corner of '''[[Driscoll]]'''. They were seen lying on top of each other, playing tonsil hockey, and at one point placing their toungues in each other's ears. (Witnesses include: Tyler Auer, Laura Ellison, Kevin Coombs, and Eric Muller) (February 2006)
A group of Willy Fers F-ers spotted a pair canoodling in one of the small tables inside '''[[Dodd]]'''. Not only were they visibly feeling each other up at one point, they were also in the main hallway, making it visible for everyone to see from every vantage point. At one point, the group was shocked to see the female's hand explore some very risque area down south... (Witnesses include: Stephanie Dockery, Wes Johnson, Cat Vielma, and Sam Wallace) (February 2006)
An ab workout just not good enough? Try finishing each sit-up with a little smooch in '''the [[weight room]]''', where a couple has been seen to do the same on multiple occasions by Kevin Coombs and Eric Muller.
Upstairs in '''[[Center for Environmental Studies|CES]]''', in the old student lounge to, to your right down the hallway off the top of the main staircase. Pluses: contains couch, door locks. Minuses: interior door is of the office of [[Drew Jones]], [[Hopkins Forest]] manager. Best to be somehow sure he won't be coming by while you're in there. I hear he's busy during maple sugaring season . . .