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* '''"Williams Astronomy" T-ShirtsShirt''': The rarest of them all - you have to become a major or do summer research.
* Dang, you got nalgenes...Lucky!!!
* '''"The Night Before/The Morning After"T-Shirt''': Email [ Professor Smith] - they're $15.
* '''"Williams Mathematics (I'm not digging up all of the symbols!)/|Mathematics|"T-Shirt''': [[Alan Cordova]] got his by correcting tests for a high school math competition in 2002, but there's probably an easier way to get one.
T-shirts can be purchased from [ Barb Swanson].
* '''"My Life is Finally Normalized"T-Shirt''': Made in 2001; probably not too many left.* '''"Williamstown Quality Quantum Mechanics"T-Shirt''': Should be a few left.* '''"H-bar"T-Shirt''': The current department t-shirt - there's a boxful in the secretary's office.