Kansas city

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====Arthur Bryant's====
There are only three Arthur Bryant's Locations, and one is in the KC-MO airport. If you can get there before dark head to the original, which is located at 1727 Brooklyn Avenue. Vegetarians beware: this is thick, hearty , authentic meat. Food is served on the plates I used to see at summer camp and portions are substantial. Get a beef or pork "sandwich" (a pile of meat with some white bread thrown on top) and some baked beans or fries if you're hungry, make sure to get a large drink. Notice those large urns full of spices and reddish liquid sitting on the front window sill? That's the unforgettable Arthur Bryant homemade bbq sauce in sweet or spicy. ====Jack's Stack====A bit more commercialized than Arthur Bryant's, but still delicious. This might be the best place to find authentic middle class Kansas City residents. Somewhat like the Olive Garden of middle america.