Kansas city

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====Jack's Stack====
A bit more commercialized than Arthur Bryant's, but still delicious. This might be the best place to find authentic middle class Kansas City residents. Somewhat like the Olive Garden of middle america.
===Kansas City Market===
Like the days of yesteryear, Kansas City remains a hub of husbandry and produce, bust observed by the famous city market that has been held saturdays and sundays in the same location since 1857. Vendors sell fresh, local produce from all over kansas and surrounding states, there are various artisans and such as well. Go in the morning if you want the freshest or widest variety, go after 10 or 11 to get deals on what the farmers want to get rid of before they have to drive home (in late august there were washington rainier cherries for $1 per pound, and limes for 10 cents each).