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Spice Root
== Spice Root ==
Spice Root is a mid sized restaraunt on Spring Street that serves Indian food. The food is as close to authentic Indian that you'll find within a pretty good radius, and tastes quite good. Modestly priced student meals are available ($10 11 for a sit in meal and $6 7 for a take away of small proportions) The Naan bread is good, as is the tandoori chicken. The chole (pronounced chho-lay) served with a student meal is excellent.
Not for the hard-core Indian food fans who might be offended by the mixture of North Indian and South Indian cuisines (note that Indian restaurants ''in India'' often do the same thing), but definitely worth a try. Check out the buffet lunch for $8 -- an excellent deal any day! However, since the buffet tries to cater to everyone, it's terribly bland. Dinner dishes can be ordered extra-spicy.