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Water Street Grill
== Water Street Grill ==
A pub-restaurant with solid standard American fare at reasonable prices, within a short walk of the [[Odd Quad]]. A [[#Ye_Olde_Forge|Forge]] alternative if you are short on time, or haven't made a Forge reservation on their busy nights. Beware slow service and dropped orders at the Grill, sometimes. Soup can take 45 minutes to arrive; water glasses are never refilled even if they are drained within the first 10 minutes, and the restaurant is freezing cold.
Prices average $12 for a full entree, or $7 - $10 for anything on the lunch-geared "pub menu." The burger platter, at a reasonable ~$7 with all toppings included, is a favorite for a cheap quick meal for some. Other meals in between. True to expectations for this kind of restaurant, portions are hearty, but again note this is American pub fare: don't seek the flavorful or unique here.