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Hobson's Choice
Located on the west side of [[Water Street]] between Latham and Meacham, Hobson's Choice offers excellent "American cuisine and seafood" for moderate prices. It features a make-your-own-salad bar, and the cozy atmosphere is highlighted by lots of those little hand-crafted puzles where you have to get a metal ring off some convoluted intertwining of other metal rings and triangles and bars. You know the sort. [[Brent Yorgey|I]] highly recommend the Cajun blackened swordfish/tuna.
On the other hand, other people find the prices exorbitantly high for either small portions or mediocre food. It used to be better, now it's a pretentious, overpriced restaurant with nothing special.
Not to be confused with [ Hobson's Choice in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia]. You may also be interested to know the ['s origin of the phrase] (a "hobson's choice" is a supposed choice where there is really no choice at all; presumably, in this context the implication is that one has no choice but to eat at the restaurant, since the food is so good).