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Williams Inn: altered potentially hazardous food poisoning allegation
The Sunday brunch is not to be missed. Beg, borrow, or steal your way to one of those meals. For the more, but not absolutely, ethically endowed, keep an eye on speakers coming to campus sponsored by departments and special-interest clubs. Many clubs take a speaker who stays overnight out to the brunch the next day, and students are invited to come on [[Uncle Eph]]'s tab. Frequently, there are even more seats than demand! Bring your significant other on a free date!
You might want to reconsider taking this recommendation in light In Spring 2006, some students alleged that a brunch at the Inn was responsible for an outbreak of the recent [ food poisoning scandal] , but the cases were never officially tied to the Williams Inn has become embroiled in, nor did any more cases develop after the isolated incident.
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