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There's also the triple nickel: 3 medium 1-topping pizzas for 5.55 each, and crazy eights: 3 XL 1-topping pizzas for 8.88 each. It's just a little ridiculous. They also have <strike>insanely good</strike> calzones for around 6 dollars, as well as wraps, sandwiches, chicken wings, potato skins, pasta, popcorn chicken, cheesecake... and pretty much anything you could ever desire.
The pizza, breadsticks, and calzones are surprising<strike>ly surprisingly bland and ordinary. Considerably worse than Colonial. Doesn't even begin to compete with Hot Tomatoes. The only redeeming quality is that it's extremely cheap. Unless you're broke, in which case you probably don't need to order pizza, stick to Hot Tomatoes.</strike>
1 River St