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Little Anthony's Pizza
The pizza, breadsticks, and calzones are surprisingly bland and ordinary. Considerably worse than Colonial. Doesn't even begin to compete with Hot Tomatoes. The only redeeming quality is that it's extremely cheap. Unless you're broke, in which case you probably don't need to order pizza, stick to Hot Tomatoes.
Ok, I completely disagree with this review. I, for once, ADORE, yes, ADORE Little Anthony's. There is nothing like a pizza the size of your desk (literally) for $20. It's ridiculous. The dough on the crust tastes like warm baked bread. If you like your dough flat and with random assorted chunks of tomato unappealingly lying on top of that cardboard dough, by all means, call Hot Tomatoes or Colonials. If you want warm, chewy, delicious dough to go with your pizza, call Little Anthony's. Their prices can't be beat, they'll deliver to you on time, and it's delicious. The end.
1 River St