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Search for and Acquiring Cheap Tickets
===Search for and Acquiring Cheap Tickets===
Many people have heard about ticket search engines like, Orbitz, and [ Kayak] (only the last one is hyperlinked because the others suck). But if you are truly committed to saving money, you have to do more than simply search on these sites. Here is the three step process:
:(1) Look at ticket prices for your destination and dates on []. If you sign up with them you can see prices for up to 3 days before and after the date you choose. This is a good idea. Take note of all the airlines that have reasonable prices. Also note if the ticket is being sold by the airlines website or by another search engine (like Orbitz or Vayama). Avoid buying off these website websites if possible.
:(2) Now, go to [ Google]. Search for "(destination airport) wiki". Every airport has a Wiki page with all the airlines that land there and where they fly from. See if there are any airlines that Kayak did not come up with that are on that list. Keep in mind that you could travel somewhere to catch a cheaper flight (i.e. if you are searching from Boston, but there is a LCC that flies in from New York, go to New York). Do the same for your departure airport, keeping in mind you can travel somewhere else as well.