Travel for Cheap

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Search for and Acquiring Cheap Tickets
:(3) Fully informed of all the airlines you could potentially board, go to each of their websites and search for your flight. You must go to an airlines website to get a good fare because they block search engines (like Kayak) from getting at their best fares. Hey, its their airplane, play by their rules! But don't buy the ticket yet, look below!
:(3.1) Another tip before we continue. If you are not sure about your dates, times, airline, destination, etc. but do all this research anyways, don't waste it! Call up the cheapest airline you found and reserve your ticket. Most airlines do this free of charge. Just tell the representative that you want to reserve a ticket and pay for it later and give them your information. Some airlines hold this for 24 hours. Others, like Continental, will hold it for 3 days. This way you won't be surprised by a fare change! '''Warning: ''' reserving over the phone usually costs an extra fee. If the next day you are ready to buy and the ticket is still the same, just book it online. If the fare changed, then the extra fee is probably worth it.
:(4) Now, to really save money. This takes a little risk, but its worth the savings! If a United States Airlines (i.e. American owned, like Continental) is on the top of your list, go to [ Google] once again and search for "craigslist (insert airline) voucher". Try it again with "credit" instead of "voucher" as well. All the posts that come up should be advertising savings on an airline's credit or vouchers.