Baxter Hall

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Renovations to Baxter Hall in 1984/85 involved renovating the first floor area to include new office space for student organizations, a [[darkroom]], xerox, and conference rooms. A new entrance was added to the main level, as well as new lounge and mailroom areas. In addition to the construction of the office and commons areas, the heating and ventilation systems were overhauled, the [[WCFM]] studio was refurbished, and a new fire alarm system was installed.
[[Image:Baxter from Rt2 B&W.jpg|right|thumb|Baxter in its early days. Note that it looks like Its resemblance to a steamboat. This was on purposeis clear from this angle.]]
Baxter was demolished beginning in the summer of 2004 to make way for the [[Paresky Center]], completed in February 2007.
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