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Linen Summer Grant for Asian Studies
* '''Applications Due''': Spring Break
* '''Administrator''': [ Professor Neil Kubler], [ Asian Studies Department]
* '''Past Winners''': (2005) Kristyn J. Bretz '06, Phillip G. Carter '08, Jason C. Fan '08, Morgan J. Goodwin '08, Theodore F. Haley '07, Christian M. Hudak '08, Jason Law '06, Thai Q. Nguyen '08, Ridhima S. Raina '07, Phoebe N. Rockwood '07, Richard J. Sosa '06, S.Peter Tosirisuk '07 , (2004) Godfrey M. Bakuli '07
Supported by an endowment for Asian Studies established by family and friends in memory of James A. Linen III, Class of 1934, the Department of Asian Studies offers a limited number of grants to assist Williams College undergraduates (including rising juniors, rising sophomores, and rising first-years) in traveling to South, Southeast, and East Asia during the summer for educational purposes. Note that, for the purposes of these grants, “Asia” refers to South, Southeast, and East Asia, defined as those parts of the continent east of the Khyber Pass and south and east of the Tian Shan Mountains and the Gobi Desert.