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The goal of the Gaudino fellowship is to plan and carry out an independent project designed to fulfill the motto of “uncomfortable learning” – being in an environment that challenges one’s beliefs and/or sensibilities. The goal is to not only learn something, but reflect on the experience. Proposals are due at the end of September and must include a specific itinerary and budget. The key to winning the Gaudino is to demonstrate that what you are doing will take you so far out of your element that it will be a highly transformative experience.
Grant recipients enroll in [ PSCI 023]. However, after that, you are pretty much on your own to take the project wherever you want.
=== Lauren Interess Adventure Fellowship ===
* '''[ Web Site]'''
* '''Administrator''': [ David Dethier]
Endowed by the Interess family in memory of Lauren Interess '98, the fellowship provides $1500 to fund a field or travel project related to earth sciences.
Lauren loved geosciences and the outdoors, and found adventure in all sorts of places. She always sought out projects and outdoor research experiences, and the Interess Fellowship exists to allow students in our department to follow her lead and their hearts. Previous LIF recipients have used the funds to travel to Arizona, Mongolia, and the Virgin Islands.
If you have a dream that you would like to make real, during the summer, spring break, or as a Winter Study 99, talk to us. We accept ideas and applications on a rolling basis.
=== Summer Research Program for Division I and II Students ===