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Dining at Williams happens at one of four dining halls: Driscoll, Dodd, Mission, and Greylock.

Meal Plans

21 meals per week

Full board, plus 10 guest meals per semester. If you miss dinner, you can get $6.25 worth of dinner points at the Snack Bar starting at 7:45 p.m. In addition, instead of breakfast, you can receive credit at the Eco Cafe or at Goodrich Coffee Bar. $4,050 per year

14 meals per week

Includes 6 guest meals per semester. Since this option includes 168 fewer meals than Full Board per annum but costs only $250 less, it is widely regarded as not worth it. $3,800 per year.

10 meals per week

No guest meals. $3,214 per year

5 meals per week

No guest meals. Seniors only. $1,642 per year.