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Dining at Williams happens at one of four dining halls: Driscoll, Dodd, Mission, and Greylock. See also the home page of Dining Services

Tray carvings

Meal Plans

21 meals per week

Full board, plus 10 guest meals per semester. If you miss dinner, you can get $6.25 worth of dinner points at the Snack Bar starting at 7:45 p.m. In addition, instead of breakfast, you can receive credit at the Eco Cafe or at Goodrich Coffee Bar. $4,050 per year

14 meals per week

Includes 6 guest meals per semester. Since this option includes 168 fewer meals than Full Board per annum but costs only $250 less, it is less popular than the 21 or 10 meal plans. $3,800 per year.

10 meals per week

No guest meals. $3,214 per year

5 meals per week

No guest meals. Seniors only. $1,642 per year.