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This page records the sundry locations in which one may find a piano.

  • Bernhard Music Center Pianos are available in the practice rooms. Their condition is variable, although they tend to be in tune. However, they aren't great instruments, and the acoustics in those cells are atrocious.
  • Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall An excellent concert Steinway, in a room with great acoustics. Note, however, that this piano is only available by appointment, and usually only to those who are taking piano lessons or are otherwise associated with the Music Department.
  • Currier Ballroom A baby grand, kept in fairly good tune depending on the temperature. The Ballroom is not well-insulated from changes in outdoor temperature and humidity, and this, combined with the fact that Facilities turns off the heat during Winter Break, results in a foul-sounding piano come January. However, they do apparently tune it occasionally for the benefit of performing groups who use the Ballroom, and overall it's quite a decent instrument--it doesn't have sticky keys, broken pedals, or other ailments that often ail overused pianos. Be nice to it.
  • Garfield House Upright in the parlor on the first floor.
  • Goodrich Hall Upright in the living room or onstage.
  • Mission Upright in the billiards lounge. Has seen better days.
  • Spencer Upright on the first floor. Tuning is poor, but it has an old-timey honky-tonk sound.
  • Thompson Chapel In the front of the chapel, to the right. This piano used to belong to Cole Porter. It is usually kept fairly well in tune and has a soft touch and mellow sound -- not so great for Rachmaninov but perfect for jazz or just fiddling around. I'm not sure what the Music Department's official stance is as far as random people just wandering in and using it, but it's not locked and there's often no one in the chapel.

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