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  • ...blication of the Williams College Law Society, is devoted to the scholarly discussion of legal subjects and issues related to justice. ...Cuesta '12, the purpose of the Journal is to both provide a written outlet for undergraduates with an interest in the field of law and to generally educat
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  • issues affecting our society today. PHA serves as a both forum for discussion and engagement. Previous issues addressed have included HIV/AIDS, HPV vacci
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  • ...rtment's Class of 1960s Scholars is a non-credit, extra-curricular seminar for highly qualified and interested senior majors. The activities are funded by ...and or even considering careers in the field are invited to self-nominate for this program in the fall, and are then screened by the faculty.
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  • Biannually in January and May, all-night trivia is hosted. For 8 hours via the Internet, trivia competition ensues involving songs knowled ...first freshmen in a while to win, thus bringing the contest back to campus for the first time in several contests.
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  • ...emain faithful to the Honor Code, indicating a high-degree of self-respect for ourselves. It’s a privilege to study with so many fellow classmates who g Trust between professors and students allows for more lively classroom discussion, engaging tutorial conversations, and latitude in choosing our testing cond
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  • ...sults during the week prior to [[Spring Break]]. The co-chairs of the JASC for 2006 are Chris Geissler '06 and Sarah Connell '06. the second round, each committee member has 60 votes: 30 for girls, 30 for boys. After voting, the 38 candidates with the highest number of votes make
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  • ...rts Teams|sports]], we spend very little time really engaged in meaningful discussion with professors or each other, preferring instead the closed groups of frie ...[[Ephs]], after Colonel [[Ephraim Williams]], who provided the seed money for our school and (of course) our namesake.
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  • ...other devotional activities as well as providing a space for intellectual discussion about the Catholic faith. In addition, we organize social events roughly on ...nd frequent opportunities for communal prayer as well as providing a space for people of all backgrounds to discuss and explore the Catholic faith! We aim
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  • ...her up at one point, they were also in the main hallway, making it visible for everyone to see from every vantage point. At one point, the group was shock ...'' (see [ WSO discussion]). (December 2006)
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  • ...e physical space in the dorm or to the people living together in the entry for a year. Each entry is cared for and led in some fashion by three to four [[Junior Advisor|Junior Advisors]]
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  • Here's a list of stuff that your parents or someone else already paid for (alphabetized). ...end of the semester near recycling bins - you can often score the readings for that class you wanted to take but didn't have time. If you look hard enoug
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  • === WIFI (Williams Initiative for Israel) === in over a decade that complied with all of the College Council bylaws for recognition but did not gain RSO status.
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  • organization shall be to discuss college matters, and take active steps for the advancement of Williams in every branch of college life and work, and t ...between the past and the present at Williams, perpetuating a forum for the discussion of long-range as well as contemporary issues.
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  • ...rk to [[Security]]'s main office, where an individual monitors the readout for alerts. ...curity system. When a dormitory door is prevented from closing completely for more than about one minute, it sounds a loud alarm from a small speaker loc
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  • ...nts. It's possible that these events may have spurred the feelings of need for an interfaith group on campus. Regardless, the below E-mail was sent to all ...your respective organizations. We currently call ourselves IF. It stands for inter-faith. Get it? IF…inter-faith. If you don't and have a better
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  • Suggestions, accumulated wisdom, and community norms for how to treat strangers considerately. Please expand. ...ampus building since 2003 anyway, not that anyone's ever gotten in trouble for it.
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  • ...rewarding classes every semester. Then we found how much we liked working for the [[Record|newspaper]] or playing a sport or singing [[a capella]] or doi ...ard that some others have disputed this) if you do the reading and show up for tests and labs. Missing an exam, has, in the past, resulted in almost autom
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  • ...t at hhg1. If you're interested in taking a course, contact the instructor for additional information. ...r those more interested in real world application, sessions will have some discussion on application to mainstream dating practices, and links, books, or article
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  • ...mpus_life/pdfs/2009_2010/Room%20Draw%20Booklet%202010.pdf housing booklet] for an updated list of new doubles.) ...Dodd neighborhood residents and the general campus community. Responsible for reaching out to and representing all neighborhood affiliates, the Dodd NGB
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  • ...of queer issues and develop a queer and allied community. Especially known for putting on all-campus events during Coming Out Days (October) and Queer Pri ...icultural Center and their independent [ website] for all things LGBTQ related on campus.
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