Williams Progressive

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The Williams Progressive
Type of groupPolitical newspaper
Meeting timeWednesdays, 6PM
Meeting placeMission Dining Hall

The Williams Progressive, supported by the Center for American Progress, aims to publish a student-run progressive newspaper four times per semester. For the Fall 2006, the board is made up of Rachel Shalev, Adam Capulong, Ronit Bhattacharyya, Matt Piven, Elliot Heilman. Contributors generally belong to any number of progressive campus organizations, such as the College Democrats, Campus Greens, Students for Social Justice, and Greensense. Submissions with a minimum of 500 words are accepted on a topic of the writer's choosing. When issues are released, look to pick up a copy on the newsstacks at any of the four dining halls, Schow, Sawyer, Goodrich, or Griffin.