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These are the blurbs that have highlighted articles on the Main Page. Keep this up to date!

March 2006

If you're a student still not sure what to do this summer, think about spending your summer in Williamstown.

Start sight-singing the Ode to Williams!

Do you have a home page or keep a blog? Add it to

April 2006

Did April Fools inspire any Williams mischief? Add it to Pranks!

And in the spirit of the pranking season, read up on the Deviants, the Springstreakers, and Captain Morgan.

Start sight-singing the Ode to Williams!

Fun With Trays!

It's Tray Appreciation Week on Willipedia!

Hundreds of tray carvings represent and record a great tradition at Williams. Only on these dining hall mainstays could you find the story of Wilbur and the Cult of Tom -- that is, until Willipedia came along.

Trays are our meal-bearers, our palimpsests, our sleds. Start the much-needed Tray article!


Registration for 2006-7 began last week. Willipedia can help you make the most out of your enrollment appointment. Check out:

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May 2006

Alphabet soup

The newly organized Computers category has a bunch of useful information:

  • Auto-complete email addresses with LDAP
  • Find out why you should stop using IMP
  • Share files on the network with SMB
  • Learn some HTML
  • Transfer files to a server with SSH, SCP, SFTP, or AFP

June 2006

Congrats, Class of 2006!

Willipedia's pages currently hold little about the traditions that you are enjoying this week, but we wish you all the joy of them anyway. During this golden sunset, if you find yourself moved to, consider writing on one of these timely topics:

And if you have not already, feel free to start a page on [[Your Name]] here, and tag it with the [[Category:Class of 2006]] tag.

Happy Father's Day!

Do I look frightened? My Dad is construction on campus. Sometimes he's a new student center, sometimes the Stetson-Sawyer Project, and sometimes a new strip club, but no matter what he's always around, making you need a helicopter to get dinner points. How would your dad feel if his tuna melt sandwich got cold before he got home from the Snack Bar because my dad had fenced off the entire north side of Route 2? I would guess that he would feel terrible.