Route 2

Route 2 is a highway that runs from Boston across Massaschusetts, straight through North Adams and the middle of campus, over Petersburg Pass, through Troy to Albany and points west. The portion in Williamstown is also known as Main Street (though West Main Street refers to the street that you'd take if you went due west at the town green, instead of following Route 2 south along Route 7).

See also the logic behind road numbers and route/highway argument.

According to Prof. Wood, Route 2 cutting through the middle of campus would make Williams College very difficult to defend were we attacked by two Roman legions.

Bob Quay '04 authored a senior history thesis [1] about its history.

Watch it cut right through campus:

<googlemap lat="42.70956078286087" lon="-73.20370674133301" type="satellite" zoom="14" width="550" height="200" scale="no" selector="yes" controls="medium">

  1. 758bc5 (2.22 miles)

42.705208902985625, -73.22258949279785 42.70785790967934, -73.22207450866699 42.71025453261556, -73.22052955627441 42.71113747563425, -73.21889877319336 42.711642008862746, -73.21632385253906 42.71315558394019, -73.21426391601562 42.71429074102464, -73.21134567260742 42.713660100763285, -73.20928573608398 42.710632938304435, -73.1960678100586 42.70539812149829, -73.1898021697998 </googlemap>

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