May 16-17, 2014

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Super 1 10:00 PM EST Spies! Answers
Super 2 2:00 AM EST Social Networks Answers


Hour 1 10:00 PM EST Fictional Schools Answers
Hour 2 11:00 PM EST All You Need Is Love Audio Answers
Hour 3 MIDNIGHT EST Ponies Answers
Hour 4 1:00 AM EST World Cup Answers
Hour 5 2:00 AM EST Podcasts Answers
Hour 6 3:00 AM EST New York Audio Answers
Hour 7 4:00 AM EST Brain Surgery and Rocket Science Answers
Hour 8 5:00 AM EST Arrested Development Answers


Action 1 Realm: Dancing 10:00 PM EST Correctly perform all of the Bluth family members' renditions of what a chicken looks and sounds like. Then add your own.
Action 2 Realm: Dating 11:00 PM EST Super-hero/super-villain video personal ads.
Action 3 Realm: Espionage MIDNIGHT EST While you're working on the Spies super, recall every James Bond movie has a theme song. Why not every Trivia team? Sing us the sexy, sultry, Bond-song-esque theme for either YOUR team or OUR team, your choice.
Action 4 Realm: Color Theory 1:00 AM EST The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie has had a bit of trouble finding actors to take on its lead roles. Show us your own version of "Fifty Shades," starring your dream cast.
Action 5 Realm: Recreation 2:00 AM EST Recreate your favorite painting using anything besides paint. MS Paint _is_ fair game.
Action 6 Realm: Diplomacy 3:00 AM EST Recreate Russia's invasion of Crimea using a video game system at your disposal. As the invasion was nearly bloodless, first-person shooters are discouraged.
Action 7 Realm: Declamation 4:00 AM EST Find the lamest section of your nearest textbook and give us a dramatic reading of the passage. Don't just let your mouth do the talking.


1 10:00 PM EST Clues
2 11:00 PM EST Clues
4 1:00 AM EST Clues
5 2:00 AM EST Clues
6 3:00 AM EST Clues
7 4:00 AM EST Clues
8 5:00 AM EST Clues
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