Selected Team Name Origins

Early in the contest's history, winners were identified simply by the locations from which they played. Thus, Garfield, Carter, Morgan, Williams B and Gladden divided up the spoils in the 1960's.

By 1970, teams had started choosing names not based on geography. In the 70's, trivia teams generally chose one name that would continue on and on for the life of the team. The idea was to select one reference that would provide a group identity. By the 1980's, cohesive, ongoing groups of players (except Phasers and Skyliners) would re-select the names of their team with each contest. A premium was placed on the amusing/entertaining nature of the name, and the source from which it was plucked.

A star (*) is placed next to teams who were not winners, but bounced back to become winners of the next contest.

1Jack is da Bomb is a one-person team, capable of winning Williams Trivia all by himself but not of running it.  And so the following contest was hosted by that semester’s runner-up team, Must Capture Moose and Squirrel.

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